Our Five Favorite Fitness Blogs

Whether you want to shape up for the holidays or get a jump on your New Year resolutions, we wanted to share our favorite fitness blogs to give you a little inspiration. With these blogs, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Born Fitness

If you are looking for a straightforward and highly effective approach to fitness look no further than Born Fitness. Adam Bornstein is one of the best experts in the field whose expertise is valued by celebrities. No matter where you are starting out in your journey, this website will provide the tools you need to get in shape and power-up your workout.



Nerd Fitness

If you know what Comicon is or appreciate the intricacies of comic book art, then Nerd Fitness may be the perfect fit for you. We love the comic book-esque pictures and brainy approach to to the science of fitness. Even is you do not know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, you’ll gain a lot of practical knowledge that will empower your fitness journey.

The Lean Green Bean

This blog has some serious feminine appeal, and a catchy name. Even better the author is not only crazy fit, she is also a registered dietician, so you can get amazing fitness and food tips and inspiration in one place.



Fitness on Toast

Part massively awesome fitness blog and part equally cool healthy food blog, you can’t go wrong with Fitness on Toast. This blog will help you live happier, healthier and longer.



Roman Fitness

This website is not your average fitness site in any sense of the word. Roman Fitness is for those who wish to push the boundaries of what expect in fitness and self-development. While you will definitely find a lot on traditional fitness topics, you will also find many other things as well. That’s because Roman Fitness takes a whole life approach to fitness, and trust us, you’ll love the expanded approach.



Now, get ready to feel the burn!

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